the completion for every componentPolyurethan­e processing

In any size, we foam around inserts made of wood, plastic and steel with appropriately specified polyurethane foam systems. In this way, we guarantee a high standard of comfort for office chairs and lounge furniture.

long-lasting comfortPerfection of a decisive feature

An office chair or lounge furniture is exposed to a long period of use. So, in addition to functionality and aesthetics, both must be comfortable and convenient above all. Therefore, they must fulfill these characteristics over their complete lifetime – the task we attend to. 

Whether made of wood, plastic or steel - we foam around inserts of any size on semi-automatic and fully automatic rotary table systems. For this purpose, we select the suitable molded foam in a sustainable and product-related manner.

We prove our technical competence with the development and commissioning of a state-of-the-art rotary table foaming line. This innovative machine with robot-controlled foaming and cutting ensures shorter cycle times, clean mold separation and the highest quality.

versatile and automatedA newly created sitting experience

Overview of our polyurethane processing services:


We foam around inserts made of wood, plastic or steel with PU foam parts weighing up to 40 kg.

02 Materials

Our foam variants consist of cold foam, flame-retardant molded foam, viscoelastic molded foam, integral foam as well as rigid foam for housing parts.

03 Machinery

Our production takes place on high-pressure systems and partly self-developed semi- and fully automatic rotary table systems. 

04 Sustainability

We work exclusively with water-driven systems and do not use physical propellants such as CFC or halogens.  

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