take responsibilityThe environment - a matter close to our hearts

One issue that is particularly close to our hearts is our environment. From the very first steps of our company, we have paid special attention to it. The legally prescribed dimensions do not represent a standard for us. On our own initiative, we are therefore always on the lookout for new measures to leave our children and our grandchildren a planet worth living on.

Whether photovoltaic, water treatment or heat exchange systems - especially as a family-owned company, we are aware of our responsibility and want to suit our actions to our words. You can convince yourself of our measures on these pages.

for future generationsOur commitment to the environment

In harmony with nature, we want to align our daily actions with sustainability and environmental protection. We have therefore implemented numerous measures to support us in this endeavor.

Conscious use of resources

Thanks to modern re-cooling technology, we reduce our water consumption by 60%. We heat our offices with heat pumps and our manufacturing and production facilities with the exhaust air from our machines. We obtain 53% of our electricity from renewable sources. Moreover, we pay meticulous attention to electricity and energy consumption with every purchase.

Compliance with all emission levels

We surpass the legal requirements regarding noise protection, water disposal as well as odor and exhaust air pollution. Noise protection measures are, of course, just as much a part of the standard equipment in our production premises as ventilation and exhaust air systems for air purification. In addition, we are continuously shifting our vehicle fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Recycling of all materials in use

Hardly any other topic offers as many possibilities in terms of environmental protection as recycling. That is why we process sprues and rejects into new raw materials, using appropriate equipment. In addition, we avoid and separate disposal materials like cardboard and plastic packaging at recycling stations that are easily accessible and distributed throughout the whole area.

Conscious and economical use of consumables 

We utilize reusable containers for our daily factory traffic and returnable packaging throughout Europe. For this purpose, we exploit the packaging volume as much as possible through efficient partial packaging and thereby save a great deal of CO2.

Local commitment 

We have been supporting and sponsoring the "Landschaftspflegeverband Neumarkt" since 1995, which sustainably protects landscapes and habitats for future generations and stands up for a diverse wildlife and vegetation.

We are always on the lookout for ways in which we can protect the environment far beyond what is required by law - in all areas of the company. The logical consequence of this way of thinking is an environmental management system that is based on the high standards of DIN EN ISO 14001 and which we are constantly developing further in the interests of environmental protection.

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