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The sites in Ajka, Noszlop and Nemesvámos make Hungary the largest production location of the BOCK group of companies. The Hungarian subsidiary Bock Hungária Kft. specializes in the production of office chair components and is therefore an important pillar of our range of services.

The largest production site within the group of companies

Since 2000, the subsidiary in Noszlop has been involved not only in the assembly and upholstery of office chair mechanisms, but also in the production of polyurethane products for office furniture and the processing of aluminium. In 2010, the site in Ajka, which has been part of the Group since 1992, was 100% acquired by BOCK and brings a considerable added value with tool development and production, plastic injection molding and assembly of components. In 2020, we expanded our capacities with the production facility in Nemesvámos, where we are also focusing on the production and assembly of components for the office furniture industry. Bock Hungária makes an important contribution to the international network and performance of BOCK.

Quality and quantity What we do

01Tool shop

In our own tool shop in Ajka, new tools are developed and manufactured, while existing tools are maintained and modified according to the requirements. Here, we lay the foundation for the successful implementation of our customers' orders. Our own tool shop enables us to react quickly and flexibly to changed requirements.

02 Production

All three locations deal with the production and assembly of components for the office furniture industry. With injection molding machines we process plastic into the desired shape and thus produce mechanisms, armrests, backs, seats and headrests. With the processing of aluminium in Noszlop, we are a competent partner for both the chair and automotive industry. In our range of services, we offer editing and grinding of aluminium.

03 Sewing, upholstery, chair manufacturing

For the production of our upholstered furniture, we cut, sew, glue and upholster the manufactured components ourselves. In addition, due to high customer satisfaction, we can also see an increasing demand in the HOME sector. With over 50 years of experience in the BOCK Group and the latest technology, we are also an expert in this area, and we are constantly expanding this pillar.

04 Quality assurance

The Hungarian plants of Bock Hungária Kft. are certified in quality management according to ISO 9001 - 2015. Our quality assurance monitors compliance with internal regulations and process instructions, which usually exceed the international standard. That way, the manufactured products fit seamlessly into the usual high BOCK quality.

Data and facts

  • More than 162,000 m²
  • Over 800 employees
  • Daily factory traffic with 8 trucks between Hungary and Germany
  • Foundation 2002 Bock Hungária Kft.
  • Quality management certified according to ISO 9001 – 2015
  • International network in Germany, Canada and China


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