We produce high-quality parts made of polyurethane 550

Our polyurethane processing: foaming in perfection

Polyurethane parts from BOCK: comfortable office furniture and office chairs

High-class polyurethane parts – represented by BOCK. We insert mould wooden parts, plastic and metal with corresponding specified polyurethane foaming systems. We utilise semi-automatic and fully automatic carrousels for standard foam, viscoelastic or flameguarded foam, integral foam as well as other special variants. Consequently, we are able to manufacture polyurethane parts for office furniture and office chairs that meet our customers’ requirements.  

We demonstrate our technical know-how with the development and implementation of a highly contemporary fully automatic foam carrousel. This innovative machine enables us to robotic lathering and insertion of releasing agent – hence we can guarantee shorter cycle periods, clear mould separation and high quality.

Our services in polyurethane processing for office furniture and office chairs

  • PU-parts up to 40 kg
  • Insert moulding of wooden parts, plastic, metal for lounge furniture and chairs
  • High-pressure production
  • Fully automatic carrousels
  • Water-powered systems (without CFC and halogens)
  • Various foam variants: cold foam, flame guarded foam, viscoelastic foam, integral foam as well as hard foam for shell parts

Ecological awareness – also present in the manufacturing of polyurethane parts

As an eco-minded company, we take care of having an ecological and low-emission manufacturing of polyurethane parts. Therefore we work only with water-powered systems. A further example for our environmental consciousness is our Green Foam Product – a two-component polyurethane foam characterised by not containing foaming agents like CFC or halogens and known for its durability.

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