A range of modern machines are the formula of success for high-quality die-cast components. 480

Parts made of one shot

Our aluminium die-cast parts: ideal for office chairs and office furniture.

With decades of experience we offer our customers a comprehensive range in the field of aluminium die-casting for office chairs and office furniture: The production of standard components and customised aluminium die-cast parts as well as mechanical processing and surface finishing methods have become our key competencies. This is proven by our production facilities: Thanks to modern dosing and shaft melting furnaces, different surface finishing methods as well as fully automatic, computer-controlled handling and spraying robots we produce aluminium die-cast parts in constantly high quality.

Moreover, the quality of our office furniture and office components is monitored daily. With our computer tomography (CT) and X-ray equipment, 3D measuring machines and a spectrometer we have all necessary equipment for testing the purity of the used materials. Furthermore our skilled staff also works in night shifts for our customers. Besides an exact monitoring of the manufacturing process of the aluminium die-cast parts this also guarantees a continuous production of your orders.

Our range of aluminium die-casting plants

  • Aluminium die-casting machines from 400 t to 1750 t clamping force at our international manufacturing facilities
  • Fully automatic robot-based production cells
  • Dosing and shaft melting furnaces
  • Handling and spraying robots
  • Casting cells, grinding and polishing robots, stamping and drilling machines
  • CNC processing
  • Computer tomography, X-ray equipment, 3D measuring devices and spectrometer for quality control

Our contribution to environmental protection

In our leading position as supplier for the office chair and office furniture industry we feel especially responsible for our environment. We therefore cleverly take advantage of the longevity of aluminium. This means in detail that we recycle sprues and scrap so that the recycled raw material with a high material quality can again be used for the production of certain aluminium die-cast parts. Furthermore every single machine is connected to a central aspiration system. This way the air is cleared and filtrated before emitting to the environment. This is our important contribution to environmental protection.

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