BOCK manufactures office chair components that are convincing. 546

Office furniture components: high-class functionality meets quality.

Our office chair components: functional, comfortable, high-class.

It is the body’s fundament/skeleton and in particular long periods of sitting requires a lot from it: the backbone. Therefore it is essential to support optimally the backbone and to protect it in the best way. It goes without saying, as a leading manufacturer of office components we are conscious about this fact. We are always striving to manufacture high-quality office components that improve considerably the sitting comfort of a chair, supported by our innovative technologies. 

As your competent specialist, we offer a wide range of various office chair components: From backs and arms via seats and mechanism to bases and headrests.  All our office chair components get tested in durance tests according to EN 1335, British Standard and BIFMA as well as to our own BOCK Standard for ensuring the utmost in quality. 

Chair backs from BOCK support optimally a human's spine.

Backs from BOCK

To foster the wellbeing and to support the pose of the sitter – these are our aims regarding the manufacturing of our backs. How we reach them? We reach them by our innovative concepts like our additional (adjustable) lumbar adjustment. In this way our office components guarantee back support in the best way. In addition, we developed individual solutions for allowing numerous combination possibilities and for meeting always our customers’ requirements. 

Our chair components' product portfolio also comprises armrests.

Arms from BOCK: innovative and comfortable.

In respect with armrests, we also offer our customers smart concepts and solutions at any time. Our products range from fixed to multifunctional arm rests that adjust optimally to sitters’ requirements thanks to individual height, width and depth adjustment. Consequently, the perfect individual position for your arms can be found. 

To our office chair components also belong numerous of seats.

Seats from BOCK: for more comfort

Stability, quality, comfort – all these characteristics are combined in our chairs. The reason: we have made it our business to develop chairs that do not show any signs of wear even after years under continuous load. Further, our patented office chair components get tested according to the worldwide standards EN and BIFMA. 

Our mechansims are functional and durable.

Our mechanism: functionality in perfection

Intelligent and innovative - our unique mechanism in the market. Owing to our pioneering concepts, we develop solutions in modern design that meet our customers’ requirements and are characterized by originality, functionality and quality. This is not a coincidence as our mechanism undergo and pass regularly international testing procedures as EN 1335, British Standard, BIFMA as well as our own BOCK standard. 

Our bases are the suitable fundament for office chairs.

Bases from BOCK: the fundament for the utmost comfort

The fundament of each chair is the base: only if the base convinces in terms of quality the total chair can offer its total comfort.  We meet this requirement with our construction of chairs.

Headrests are part of BOCK's diverse chair components' range

Lean back comfortably with the headrests from BOCK

Long sitting requires a lot from our back bone – but also in the neck area. This fact determines decisively the conception of our headrests. Each day, we put our efforts in developing office chair components that offer the maximum of comfort and perfect neck support. 

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