Poster campaign: "You have it in your hands"

There's no way around us - which is why you've probably already noticed our new campaign. Because from now on, we will be catching your eye all around Postbauer-Heng. 

Under the motto "It's up to you", our large-scale posters were launched last week at supermarkets and on busy roads. Over the next few weeks, three different motifs will hang in Allersberg, Altdorf, Burgthann, Postbauer-Heng and Neumarkt. 

By placing the posters in highly frequented locations in the immediate vicinity, we are attracting attention and thus raising awareness of BOCK as an employer. In this way, we address our target group directly and remain in their memory through the recurring posters. Because numerous jobs – not only in the production environment – are waiting to be filled.

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