Gas injection molding now also at BOCK North America

The innovative gas injection molding process has now also been successfully implemented at BOCK North America. This strategic investment forms the basis for further growth in the world's largest office furniture market. 

In recent years, BOCK has been able to successively expand its extensive expertise in this manufacturing process. It opens up new possibilities in the office sector, as individual components or entire chairs can be manufactured from just one shot. BOCK has already successfully realized projects for well-known customers, where the desired flexibility in combination with a simultaneously high strength would not have been possible without the innovative process.

In the gas injection molding process, the planned product is first injected as standard. Before the processed material hardens completely, the decisive technical step comes into play: a gas mixture is used to displace the still viscous part from the inner core, allowing cavities to form. In this way, a strength can be achieved that comes close to a structure made of steel tubing. 

The advantages are obvious: on the one hand, the firmly defined cavities increase the dimensional stability of the products, and on the other hand, the manufactured components also become somewhat lighter due to the blown-out material. 

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