Fit for the future: Renewal of the BOCK high-bay warehouse.

At the end of 2020, the modernization of the BOCK high bay warehouse, the so-called retro-fit, started. The purpose is to design the warehouse capacities for the future and to keep fit for the increasingly fast-paced daily business. Thanks to the refurbishment, the storage and retrieval machines work more quickly and have a longer service life. The current high-bay warehouse was commissioned in 1998 with 14,000 pallet spaces and successively expanded to 26,500 spaces. 

During the modernization the two storage and retrieval machines will be replaced during ongoing operation. The conversion is divided into two construction phases. In the first phase, which is currently underway, the technology in high-bay aisles 3 and 4 is being renewed. In addition, the two new storage and retrieval machines are being installed, connected and programmed. 

A crane over 50 meters high has already lifted the entire four towers, two trolleys and two lift carriages into place via an opening in the roof. At a height of 20 meters, the towers of the stacker cranes posed a particular challenge. For this reason, the individual parts were lifted into place in the correct sequence with a great deal of sensitivity and assembled immediately after being brought into place. With two motors instead of the previous one, the new stacker cranes are faster, more durable and, weighing four tons each, even lighter. 

The second construction phase will begin at the end of April. This will involve transferring around 5,000 pallets between the sections and then removing the old stacker cranes through the roof as well. Once all the racking locations have been measured and the new technology has been adapted to the system, the system will be released for daily operation. The modernization of the high-bay warehouse is expected to be completed by the end of June.

The crane, which is over 50 meters high, lifts in the entire four towers, two trolleys and two lifting slides via an opening in the roof.

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