BOCK supports the research project "IntelliTemp" as an industrial partner

Research project approved: Approximately one million euros for the research project "IntelliTemp: Hybrid manufacturing concepts for intelligent temperature control of large-volume tools."

The Bavarian Minister of Finance Albert Füracker personally handed over the official certificate of support to the "IntelliTemp" research project - the BOCK Group is also involved as one of three industrial partners. The three-year project under the leadership of TH Deggendorf is looking for ways to make manufacturing processes for large-volume tools more efficient, for example injection moulding of plastic components or die casting of aluminium components. The Bavarian Research Foundation is providing around one million euros for this purpose. 

Professor Prihodovsky, the project leader, summarizes the goal of "IntelliTemp" as follows: "Germany is one of the world market leaders in toolmaking. We want to develop tools that perform exactly where they are needed". The project work is carried out at the Technology Campus Parsberg-Lupburg and in the Application Laboratory Industry 4.0 of the TH in Deggendorf, as well as at the locations of the industrial partners. Minister Füracker emphasizes the importance of the project for the local economy: "State-of-the-art research projects are a strong proof of the innovative and competitive ability of the companies in Eastern Bavaria.

BOCK is pleased to be part of this top-class research project as an industrial partner.

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