With over 50 years of experience in aluminum die-casting, we provide optimal solutions to our customers. 478

High-class die-cast parts due to longstanding experience in the industry business.

Qualitative masterpieces – Aluminium die-cast parts from BOCK

In the course of the years, production of industrial components made of pre-finished and refined aluminium die-cast parts has become one of our key competences. Our range of performance in the aluminium die-casting sector is correspondingly extensive: Every day we revert to a variety of mechanical processing and surface finishing methods.

In order to always support our customers with the best possible solutions, all our world-wide manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern dosing and shaft melting furnaces as well as fully automatic computer-controlled handling and spraying robots. Furthermore, our plant is equipped with a computer tomography and X-ray system as well as 3D measuring devices for the testing of alloys. This way we are able to fulfil the high requirements in our aluminium die-cast parts also in means of material purity.

In 4-shift operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week our skilled staff is taking care that downtimes in the production of our aluminium die-cast parts can be practically eliminated. This guarantees a quick processing of your orders.

Our competences:

  • Aluminium die-casting machines from 320 t to 1600 t clamping force at our international manufacturing facilities
  • Computer-monitored, fully automatic production robot based production cells
  • Dosing and shaft melting furnaces
  • Handling and spraying robots 
  • Casting cells, grinding and polishing robots, stamping and drilling machines 
  • CNC processing

Our commitment to the environment

A conscious handling of natural resources is a matter of course for BOCK. This is why we cleverly take advantage of the longevity of aluminium: We recycle sprues and scrap so that the recycled raw material, with a constant high material quality, can be reused for the production of certain aluminium die-cast parts. Furthermore, every single machine in our manufacturing plants is connected to a central aspiration system. Consequently, the air is cleared and filtrated before being emitted to the environment.

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Quality of our industry components has been already confirmed by numerous certifications.

Our certifications

Whether DIN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949 (2016) oder DIN EN ISO 50001 – Quality has been confirmed several times.

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